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Ten Tips for Boosting your Mood

We all have days where it’s all a bit flat. We might feel low. We might feel a lack of motivation. Our mood needs a serious boost.

At Carefour we know there are some simple ways that we can give mood a little boost when we need it most so thought we’d share them with you.

When we provide our services, whether it’s live-in care, home care, respite care or even just companionship we’re always looking out for symptoms of low mood with our clients and by using our tips it means we can often suggest some simple remedies that allow us to deliver the absolute best in care.

  1. Get some sun on your face.

Now doing this in England is sometimes easier said than done. But it doesn’t have to be glorious beaming sunshine, just being outside helps. Did you know that the government health teams advise us all to try to get 15-30 minutes of sunlight each day? If you can’t get outside you don’t have to miss out. You can grab yours by instead eating some salmon, your favourite dairy products, or even from mushrooms!

  1. Ditch the sweet treats.

We all love a chocolate biscuit but it’s actually better for you to choose something a little plainer, like a rich tea or digestive biscuit to avoid the ups and downs of a sugar rush. Don’t worry, the occasional treat is still allowed!

  1. Let the outside do its thing.

The power of nature is a brilliant healer and getting outside, or even just getting closer to it by sitting near a window or by the back door can really lift your spirits, boost your positivity and relieve feelings of stress or anxiety.

  1. Make a cup of tea.

Every soap opera on the TV starts its problem solving with a cuppa! You can try something a little different by experimenting with the herbal variety. If you choose a variety containing chamomile, lime flower, or passionflower this can help you with feelings of relaxation and if you can experiment with peppermint and ginger, these are great when you need a quick pick-me-up.

  1. Water water water.

Do you drink enough water? Many of us do not. We know we need to, and its effect on the brain is so positive but it does feel hard! Getting dehydrated can make you irritable and tired and always have a bottle or glass of water on the go it encourages you to hydrate and keeps yourself topped up.

Go crazy for nuts.

The melatonin in almonds and walnuts helps you relax and sleep and also gives you more energy in the day when you need it. Try adding almonds and walnuts into your diet but avoid highly salty and flavoured varieties.


If you can take a short walk, or move around even a little, doing it with a podcast or favourite album or audiobook in your ear or in the background can help to calm your brain. Even just getting 5 minutes a day can really boost feelings of well-being.

Get a balanced diet.

Humans need food for fuel. If you put junk food in, you’re likely to get poor performance out. We know we can’t all eat salads every day, and everyone needs that pepperoni pizza occasionally but getting a good balance in what you eat helps your brain regulate and work more efficiently.

Try some popcorn.

This might sound strange but try it! If you can swap out those salty crisps for plain popcorn you are adding wholegrain to your diet which keeps you fuller and stops you from snacking on the naughtier things. Less sugar, salt, and additives can help the brain stay calmer.

Make sure you get your ZZZ’s.

A simple way to boost your mood? Get enough sleep. We all dream of a lie in occasionally but staying in bed too long can make you feel more tired and lethargic all day. Find what works for you that leaves you feeling fresh and energised and stick with it.

We hope you can find a few of these simple tips that work for you and make a positive change.

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