In recognition of self-care week 2022, we’ve pulled together a really simple guide containing ten simple self-care tips for everyone.

We know that life often feels full-on, so these tips have been carefully picked to be achievable in a busy world where sometimes spending a few minutes on yourself just doesn’t seem possible.

Let’s look at each one in turn. You might be surprised by how simple they are, but each one has been shown in studies to help you feel like you did something for yourself, which is the whole point of self-care in the first place.

Number 1
Make your bed – research shows that if you make your bed first thing in the morning, you’ll be more productive the rest of the day.
Number 2
Drink more water – the brain and body process information better when it’s hydrated. Water can help you avoid tension headaches too!
Number 3
Light a candle – the scent of candles is a powerful stimulant for mental well-being. Candles can help calm your mind or give you a boost of energy.
Number 4
Eat a snack – giving yourself a treat can help boost your mood – just be careful what you choose and remember, everything in moderation, including moderation.
Number 5
Make some plans – getting something booked in to look forward to has an incredibly lifting effect on the mind.
Number 6
Listen to some music – Music can easily alleviate the pressures of everyday life and can help to take the mind off of different stressors. Music therapy and self-care go hand in hand!
Number 7
Declutter – Tidying up can help you de-stress, gain a sense of control, and improve your state of mind in numerous ways.
Number 8
Watch some YouTube – watching some great content of your choice can allow your brain to calm down, bring a smile to your face or help the brain focus on something new.
Number 9
Doodle – you are feeling stressed, drawing and creating can be calming and boost mood and confidence
Number 10
Write or read some affirmations – affirmations are everywhere these days and reading, listening or writing some are brilliant ways to refocus your energy on what’s important to you.

How can Carefour help with self-care

Carefour provides HomeCare and 24-hour Live-in Care across many locations across the Midlands including Malvern, Kempsey, Worcester, Ombersley, Stourport, Kidderminster and Oxfordshire and so please get in touch if you or a loved one requires care at home.

We know that sometimes, respite is needed to help you recharge your own batteries and have a well-earned break as a carer of a loved one.

Talk to us about how we can support you to get the time you need.


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