At Carefour we promise you that our costs are fully explained, transparent and have no hidden extras, so you will be in full possession of the facts to make an informed decision about funding live-in care.

Most people funding live-in care do it privately, but there may be other avenues that you can explore.  To help you navigate this, we have outlined the main healthcare funding options, so that you can access help if you are entitled to it.

As cost may be a significant factor you are advised to carefully financially plan.

Funding Live-in Care

Privately Funding

If you are responsible for funding your own care there are a number of options you can consider, speaking to a financial advisor if you haven’t already done so is a good place to start.  Options include, but not limited to investing in an investment that gives you a return or equity release. We do not offer financial advice but would encourage you to investigate all your options.

Social Care Funding

You are entitled to an assessment from your local health authority, this will be a financial assessment and is means-tested.  You may have to pay all or part of the costs of your care, depending upon their finding.

What is the assessment?

They will take into account all your financial assets, including savings, investments and property.  If:

  1. Your financial assets are worth less than £14,250 you will receive social care funding, they will advise if you need to top this up
  2. Your financial assets are worth between £14,250 and £23,350 you will receive some funding towards your care needs but will have to contribute the rest
  3. Your financial assets are worth over £23,350 you will have to fund all of your care

In the first instance, get in touch with your local authority and request a care assessment

Direct Payments

If you prefer, you can receive your funding from the local authority directly into your bank account and pay for the care you chose rather than accepting care from your local authority, you will have to top up your direct payment if you use more care.

Healthcare Funding or Continuous Healthcare Funding

This is for people who have ongoing, complex health care needs.  This is funded by the NHS who will arrange an assessment to determine if you are eligible for this funding and the criteria are very strict.

Accessing this can be done via an initial assessment by your GP.  If your GP thinks you may be eligible you will be referred for a full assessment by a healthcare team.

For more information see Care to be Different at

State Benefits

Are you entitled to the following state benefits?  If you are not already claiming then they could help towards paying for your care:

Attendance Allowance or PIP (Personal Independence Payment)

For more information see  or call Dept of Work and Pensions 0800 917 2222.