At Carefour we are committed to delivering the highest standards of care our clients and their families have come to expect. We understand that you may have many questions relating to our service, so we have collated answers to the most frequently asked questions below.


Why is live-in care a good option?

Having a live-in carer will ensure you get the very best care specifically tailored around you and your preferences.

You can stay at home. Your wellbeing will be promoted and when you need assistance, someone is there for you, no waiting for your turn like in a care home

Who are Carefour?

Live-in care at Carefour is an award-winning care provider that is personal and based on family values. Our mission is to provide you with the care we would expect for our own family.
Putting you at the heart of everything we do means our care is the very best it can be for you.

Why is it best to use a Fully Managed Live-in Service rather than a Self Employed Carer?

The main advantage of using a fully managed live-in care service is that they are regulated by the CQC and their findings are published. At Carefour, we were awarded Outstanding in caring by the CQC and Good overall which means we are a caring, safe, and effective service to use.
If you use a Self Employed carer you will not have the security of professional backup and background checking facilities that a managed service will provide. You will also have to be careful about tax and NI matters.

How do I start enquiring about Live-in Care?

The first step is simple, either call or email us for an informal chat. We will easily be able to tell you whether we can help or we can signpost you to other sources of information.

If we can help and you would like to know more, we will visit you at your home, free of charge and under no obligation, for a face to face meeting where you can ask all your questions and we can give you all the information you need in order to make an informed choice.

Is Live-in care expensive?

Depending on your individual circumstances, live-in care can be less expensive than moving into a care home. Indeed, for couples, it is by far the cheapest option.

However, for peace of mind, there is no better solution than a well-trained, friendly, live-in carer to allow you to live and age well in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home.

Who will be my Care Manager?

At Carefour we know that communication is key, so we will appoint a Care Manager for you who will be with you every step of the way; from consultation to follow-up and afterward, as your care progresses. Indeed, they will become familiar and friendly faces, always at the end of the telephone or email to answer questions and help with information. Your Care Manager will check that the care you are receiving is to your liking and she will regularly speak with your carers to ensure they are happy, too.

Why do you employ your carers rather than having them as self-employed?

This is a very important factor. This means that we take responsibility for your care, bringing you peace of mind and security. We rigorously vet our carers, have state-of-the-art training in The Carefour Academy, and constantly monitor and appraise our staff. This means you get the very best carers in the UK. Carefour manages all the tax, insurance, and day-to-day requirements of employing a live-in carer, so you do not have to.

How do you select a carer for me?

Due to our vetting programme we get to know our carers very well. We know their hobbies and interests and their skill set. As a result, we can identify and match the very best carer for you. We will speak to many carers on your behalf and recommend only someone who can and wants to care for you.

What happens if I don’t like my carer?

We pride ourselves on selecting only the very best. People who are themselves, caring, kind and friendly, who are enthusiastic about being a carer – our carers are proud of the care they give, it is their passion and vocation to care.

If, for any reason, you would like to change your carer all you need to do is speak with your appointed care manager and they will make the necessary arrangements. You do not need to worry about anything, it will be taken care of.

How long does it take to start receiving support?

Once we have met you, your Care Manager can discuss start dates with you. In simple terms, once you have decided that live-in care is right for you and we have assessed your requirements, we can start the next day if required.

Or, you can gather information and have an assessment and then take your time to decide what is right for you. There is never any pressure to start. Our door is open to you, so any questions, no matter how big or small, can be asked over time until you comfortably reach your decision.

If you can’t find the answer above to your question please use the form below and one of our team will be happy to answer your query.