12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Elderly
12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Christmas is here once again, and it’s that time of year where we are trying to find gifts that show someone you are thinking of them.

This year we’ve created this simple list of ideas, but with a simple twist. If the person you’re buying for has any health issues we’ve highlighted why the gift might just be the perfect one.

Ready? Let’s get started with our list.

Digital Photo Frame

Photos are wonderful gifts for anyone. A digital photo frame is a rotating montage of many of your favourite images that can be set to softly change reminding people of special moments. These can also be powerful for those with memory issues or dementia as it’s proven that images are one of the ways to help someone recall a feeling or experience.


They might get an eye roll from the younger generation but as you get older slippers to make a lovely gift for anyone during the winter months. Anyone, as they get older, loses circulation to their extremities (hands and feet) so helping them to keep these areas warm is always a winner.

Favourite toiletries

Most of us don’t treat ourselves to the finer things too often, but giving gifts is a lovely way of doing it for someone else. Feeling pampered is an indulgent and soothing experience for everyone. Let your loved ones feel cared for with their favourite or luxury toiletries.

Personalised Cushions

If you visit Etsy or Not on the High Street (there’s plenty of other choices too) you’ll see that you can get personalised cushions with photos and messages. This is a lovely way of reminding someone of the grandchildren or a special day out, all wrapped up in a gift that can actually give you physical comfort too! Try to go for soft fabric, this will help those with dementia who often like to knead soft items for comfort.

Essential oil diffuser

Aromas have incredible soothing and invigorating power. With the right scent, we can feel comforted, relaxed or indulged. However, the scent also has the power to unlock memories. This can really help people remember holidays, family friends or simply help someone feel calmer as they wind down in the evening


An e-reader will likely need some explaining at first, but once mastered, it can be an incredible gift for many older people because it allows them to read any book, wherever they are, and it can be backlit and magnified to their choice. You can’t do that with a paper book!

Audiobooks or Music

Another technological idea could be audiobooks. If someone is struggling to read as they used to then an audiobook can become a lifesaver. They really help people to still enjoy their favourite books. These can be great gifts for those with eyesight problems or those who struggle to fall asleep as a soothing story can help you drift off. Music is another popular choice and has been shown to help patients with dementia to recall memories.

Handy home help aids

It might not seem like a perfect gift, but a mobility aid is not something to be frightened of. People can benefit immensely from aids and tools which they may be reluctant to invest in themselves or will make do with a more basic version. Therefore, mobility aids such a can opener, extendable duster or a text magnifier can often be really well received.

A warm & cosy blanket

Another gift that will always help a loved one to feel safe and sound is a super comfortable and warm blanket wrapped around them. You can also get these personalised and the range of colours and fabrics is almost too long to list! You can even scent a blanket so that it helps the person recall safe and happy times.

New clothes 

As people get older, they tend to shop for themselves less. You might notice that a jumper or favourite shirt is looking a little worn. Always try to replicate the original item as much as possible, and make sure to get the right size. Consider avoiding things like complicated buttons or zips. Aim for a mixture of ease and comfort. Something soft and warm can give immense feelings of comfort whilst relaxing in a favourite chair. Gifts for outside like scarves and gloves are always a safe bet too.

Games and puzzles

When you are limited by age in terms of what you can do, a tabletop puzzle or a small handheld game can provide something to challenge the mind and keep people busy. They, therefore, make ideal gifts. They can be really calming, and some games can be used for brain training to keep our minds sharp! Just make sure that the hands are still in strong enough shape to master anything with twists & turns.

A favourite movie or box set

Lastly, if the person you are buying for has access to a DVD player or is savvy with newer TV technology then buy them either a DVD or Digital download of their favourite film or TV series box set. When you are able to just click and watch a familiar show or film this can help people feel good and entertained when they’re alone.



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